Q: What is the East Bethesda Citizens Association?

A: The East Bethesda Citizens Association, EBCA, is one of the largest citizens associations in Montgomery County, Maryland. It was started in the 1930’s and represents over 1,200 households east of Wisconsin Avenue, north of East-West Highway, west of Columbia Country Club, and south of Jones Bridge Road.

Q: What are the goals of the Association?

A: The Association works to build a stronger sense of community within our borders and beyond by organizing social events and providing pertinent information to our membership through a newsletter, email communications, a website and Facebook page. General membership meetings are held quarterly. The Executive Committee meets bi-monthly. To further build a sense of community, we host social events, such as the Labor Day picnic and Halloween parade. The association is also the voice of the community before decisionmakers, including, for example, Montgomery County government, Montgomery County Public Schools, the Park and Planning Department.

Q: How much does it cost and what are dues used for?

A: An annual membership in the association costs $20 per individual. The dues allow us to continue to send out informative newsletters, update our website and Facebook, host meetings and make sure the EBCA voice is heard in important talks about the future of development adjacent and near our community borders. The dues have been used on a range of issues, from buying gravel to care for the walkway to the bike trail; to funding social events; to helping with local park cleanup. Our membership year follows the calendar year. Dues paying members are afforded a vote on measures at general membership meetings.

We have our membership hosted using Memberplanet. You can join EBCA by clicking the button:

You may also print out the membership coupon from the EBCA website or the newsletter, fill it out and mail it with your renewal check made out to EBCA to: EBCA, P.O. Box 41020, Bethesda, MD 20824-1020.

Q: When are the meetings?

A: General Membership meetings are held two times a year and generally occur on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. at either Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School or the Lynnbrook School. They are open to all East Bethesda residents, members and non-members. We frequently invite speakers on topics that relevant to our community, such as Councilmembers, Parks and Planning, Bethesda Urban Partnership, MCPS.

Q: I joined the EBCA Facebook page and/or I receive emails from EBCA, does that mean I’m already an EBCA member?

A: No. If you aren’t a dues paying member you aren’t supporting the Association and you cannot vote on measures brought forward at General Membership meetings. Please be an important part of our community by supporting the association that works hard on your behalf.