East Bethesda Tree Friends

Thank you for connecting with Tree Friends of East Bethesda. We are a neighborhood volunteer group. Our mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the urban tree canopy of East Bethesda. Our group facilitates green initiatives by working with applicable local, state, and federal groups as well as private and local nonprofit entities.

Getting a Tree

  • To request a free tree from Tree Montgomery, click here.
  • To request a free tree from State of Maryland’s Tree-Mendous program click here.
  • If you are interested in planting a native tree and would like a $50 discount, click here. This coupon can be combined with State of Maryland’s $25 Marylanders Plant Trees coupon for a combined total of $75 off the price of a tree that qualifies for both programs.
  • To request a tree in a street right-of-way, contact Montgomery County Department of Transportation. You can find more information and an online request here.

Native Trees

  • Why plant a native tree? Native plants are local to our area, which means they are already well adapted to the climate of the Mid-Atlantic region. They can tolerate the cold winters, the hot and humid summers, and don’t need a lot of care once established. This means less watering and fertilizing and a higher chance that the trees will survive and thrive.
  • Both small and large trees provide benefits to our neighborhood with improved shade and reduced stormwater runoff. While large trees provide more shade, some locations require smaller species. Whether you are interested in a large or small sized native tree, click here where you can find a list of major and minor species.


  • We would love more volunteers to join us– whether it’s removing invasive English Ivy, attend a pruning class, learning about tree care, identification of invasive shrubs/vines, or just to connect with a few social tree-friendly neighbors.
  • If you are interested in joining our group, drop an email to treefriendsebca@gmail.com

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